Excellence Demands Humility

by Heather Hughes on June 23, 2015

The greatest temptation of all is arrogance – arrogance of knowledge, arrogance of expertise, arrogance of perceived superiority. Arrogance is embedded in the desire to control. I am discovering that the greatest freedom of all is found in humility — humility to learn, humility to grow, humility to stand aside and watch others flourish in […]


The World Series starts today, but my mind is still on Mariano Rivera’s last game. Typical Yankees fan? Maybe. Typical pitcher and manager? No. It was a momentous occasion, looked forward to throughout the season. Celebrated from city to city, stories told, gifts bestowed on the greatest closer of all time. So, you’d think Girardi […]


I was just a bit frustrated with Saturday’s crazy game between the Oakland Athletics and New York Yankees. The game lasted 14 innings over five-plus hours. One thing bugged me even more than rookie Melky Mesa missing third base. It was Girardi’s use of the sacrifice bunt, not once but twice and the second time […]


Mets vs. Yankees: The Winning Mindset, or Lack Thereof

May 17, 2012

It takes a winning mindset to win. Seems obvious, right? Season after season, the Yankees are expected to win. And win they do, 27 times so far to be exact – more than any other sports franchise in history. Their most recent win was in 2009. When they don’t make it to the World Series, […]

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Caution: Object is Closer than It Appears

April 18, 2012
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Why Marketers Need to Quickly Locate the Ball and Get Ready to Swing, Or, How to Beat the “Illusion of Hop” David Robertson’s extra long pitching stride got me thinking. Robertson’s fastball clocks in at 93 miles an hour, but to the batter it is much faster. Why? According to the YES Network’s live game […]

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