Simple is Good

by Heather Hughes on November 1, 2016

Ever been asked to do a survey? Click here, please. Spend your time, please. Go through multiple screens, please. Win a prize, maybe. Don’t get me wrong. I love surveys. I started in the survey world in high school. It was good money, calling people and getting their ratings of the produce and bakery at […]


Hooray for the Actual Customer-Person

by Heather Hughes on October 27, 2016

Can anyone say multichannel marketing, or omnichannel service, or, “I’ve got to transfer you to another agent because I don’t have access to that system. Please hold.” Let’s just slow this train down and get real. This is the stuff of complex systems creating more complex problems in our complex world. Can we just get […]


No Strings Attached

by Heather Hughes on June 29, 2016

Like grace, the best businesses ideas have no strings attached. When you pay X, you get Y. Z = the money left over after expenses. It’s that simple. I read yesterday that most S&P 500 companies are no longer exclusively reporting results using GAAP.* Apparently, their businesses are too complex, or special, to follow Generally […]


Complexity, Your Product, and Your Messaging

December 6, 2012

I wholly agree with this statement from Brian Proffit in his article regarding complexity of the private cloud: “… IT managers are generally not the type of people who like to feel stupid” Except that I would add, nobody, and I mean nobody, likes to feel stupid! Brian’s article also asserts that if what should […]

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