Mets vs. Yankees: The Winning Mindset, or Lack Thereof

by Heather Hughes on May 17, 2012

It takes a winning mindset to win. Seems obvious, right?

Season after season, the Yankees are expected to win. And win they do, 27 times so far to be exact – more than any other sports franchise in history. Their most recent win was in 2009. When they don’t make it to the World Series, or don’t win it when they do, there is bitter disappointment amongst Yankee fans. Why? Yankee fans expect their team to win. Period.

Season after season, the Mets disappoint. Or maybe they just meet expectations. The Mets haven’t won the World Series since 1986, their second win since 1969. They haven’t made the playoffs since 2006, when then-manager Willie Randolph brought discipline and a winning attitude to the clubhouse. He expected much and led the team to its first division title in 18 seasons. Injuries ravaged the team and they lost the NLCS in seven games. (Willie Randolph played 13 seasons for the Yankees and was a Yankees coach for 11 years; he holds two World Series rings as a player and four as a coach.)

My husband recently sent me the video “A Day in the Life of MetsBlog”. It’s embedded below. The video follows Mets fan Matthew Cerrone, who turned his blog into a full-time career with the Mets. Not bad. (More about that here.)

But, the truly revealing content starts at 1:30 when Matthew speaks of Mets fans:

“We have so many different opinions, but in the end we all want the same thing, and that’s to see the Mets win a Championship.”

Sounds good. But wait. Less than a minute later, at 2:26, he remarks:

“I have low expectations and I think that’s good.”

He then chats it up with a bunch of fans about the virtue of low expectations. Apparently the Mets drive one of these fans to drink. At least that’s what his t-shirt says (6:47).

Sad, sad Mets fans.

Later, at 7:07 in the video, Matthew talks with a Yankees fan at the Mets’ 2012 Opening Day. Should be celebratory, right? The Yankees fan wants a subway series and is concerned for the Mets. What’s he got to say?

“My concern for the Mets is the culture … if you take the collective energy of this building right now, and I truly believe they will this team to fail.”

So, what’ll it be? Bitter disappointment or numb nothingness in losing? Hm. Go Yankees!

It takes a winning mindset to win.

For more on the winning mindset, see Derek Jeter.

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