No Strings Attached

by Heather Hughes on June 29, 2016

Like grace, the best businesses ideas have no strings attached. When you pay X, you get Y. Z = the money left over after expenses. It’s that simple. I read yesterday that most S&P 500 companies are no longer exclusively reporting results using GAAP.* Apparently, their businesses are too complex, or special, to follow Generally […]


I was just a bit frustrated with Saturday’s crazy game between the Oakland Athletics and New York Yankees. The game lasted 14 innings over five-plus hours. One thing bugged me even more than rookie Melky Mesa missing third base. It was Girardi’s use of the sacrifice bunt, not once but twice and the second time […]


Target a Distinct Market Segment for Big-Time Success

by Heather Hughes on June 7, 2012

Stake Your Claim and Own It Rather than targeting a large and general market with hopes of winning a handful of share points, why not select a distinct market category that you can own? Some executives and entrepreneurs may chose the former since a larger market looks like it has more potential, or perhaps because […]


Five Contradictions of the Successful Business Leader and Entrepreneur

May 15, 2012

I have worked for some amazing business leaders who won (and are still winning!) in the marketplace because of smarts, determination and integrity. The last twenty years have been good to me because of their generosity. I’ve learned much along the way from these entrepreneurs of integrity. Here are five pairs of their seemingly contradictory […]

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Opportunity Costs on the Road to Greatness

April 19, 2012
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What Business Leaders Can Learn from Three Simple Questions and Friedrich von Weiser Perhaps the most successful brand transformations I’ve worked on over the years started with three simple questions: Where are we today? Where do we want to go? How are we going to get there? Answering these questions decisively is a necessary challenge. […]

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