Marc Strohlein

Marc Strohlein

Stories of Excellence: “Be agile.”

by Heather Hughes on May 21, 2013

Marc Strohlein Since I preferred sprinting to the finish line, I didn’t quite get what agile meant or how it worked until I did it. Marc Strohlein gave me this opportunity. As Chief Agility Officer at Outsell, Marc had a certain knack for tapping individual talents while encouraging us to work together as a team […]


Light and Quick, Layered and Substantial I worked for Marc Strohlein. He’s someone I respect, plus, I like hearing his perspective. So, I was excited to read his new book, “The Energized Enterprise: How to Tap Your Organization’s Hidden Potential”. Then, I decided to write a review. At 130 pages, I thought it would be […]

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ME Interview with Marc Strohlein Marc Strohlein is Principal of Agile Business Logic, and has been a COO, CTO and CIO at companies including Gartner Group, Dataquest and Outsell Inc. His passion is unlocking energy and growth in individuals, teams and organizations. I worked for Marc at Outsell, where, among many other things, he led […]


How I Learned to Achieve Excellence with Agility

May 1, 2012

“Perfect is the enemy of good” never sat well with me. I know it is intended to get people to act, to move forward, to make progress. And believe me I am all for action, just not if it is willy-nilly. From the start of my career, I considered myself a perfectionist. Everything I did […]

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