Thanks giving

by Heather Hughes on November 22, 2016


I’ve been thinking about the power of giving, and how I want to give thanks for giving. How thankful I am for giving.

Yes, it’s a roundabout tongue twister, a veritable tautology. But as I consider the last few years, the best of times were the times that I was giving. That’s all. Not pushing my own agenda, considering my own interests, selling my own ideas.

These moments of giving were unmistakable. Powerful yet ethereal in their lightness of being. Giving gives way to a new frontier, unshackled by the trappings of man. Emptied of one’s self. Yet somehow full to the fullest measure.

Giving captures the light of humility, expels the darkness of guilt. Receiving without merit completes the circle.

And so, on this week of Thanksgiving I give thanks for giving. Giving is a great gift of intrinsic value, immeasurable yet absolute.


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