Winning Mindset

The World Series starts today, but my mind is still on Mariano Rivera’s last game. Typical Yankees fan? Maybe. Typical pitcher and manager? No. It was a momentous occasion, looked forward to throughout the season. Celebrated from city to city, stories told, gifts bestowed on the greatest closer of all time. So, you’d think Girardi […]


Leaders of Lasting Impact: The Drivers

by Heather Hughes on July 16, 2013

After reflecting on 20+ years of lessons learned from outstanding leaders, I’ve concluded that there are four key characteristics that make these leaders great and propel them and their teams forward. I’ve written about two so far: they are rigorous and they are freewheelers. Here I write about the fact that they are drivers. This […]


Roger Federer Wimbledon 2009

Federer, Armstrong and Loving Life

by Heather Hughes on August 29, 2012

Roger Federer is one champion to emulate. He shrugs off losing and relishes winning. He never stops competing to win, no matter how many times he has won. That may sound strange, but many a former player has commented on Federer’s hunger to win despite accomplishing more on the court than perhaps any other male […]


There’s So Much Time Left; Be Prepared, Think Straight, Be Agile

July 6, 2012
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There’s so much time left. That’s a paraphrase of what Chris Evert said when Kerber was down 3-5 in the third set to Lisiki, and Lisiki was serving to win the Wimbledon quarterfinals. (Kerber won by the way, and it wasn’t pretty.) Evert is a champion who sees space between spaces, each stroke within each […]

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Mets vs. Yankees: The Winning Mindset, or Lack Thereof

May 17, 2012

It takes a winning mindset to win. Seems obvious, right? Season after season, the Yankees are expected to win. And win they do, 27 times so far to be exact – more than any other sports franchise in history. Their most recent win was in 2009. When they don’t make it to the World Series, […]

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