Burton Group

Gary Rowe Since winning that 50-yard dash in elementary school, most of my life had been a sprint. I liked to plan ahead so I didn’t lose ground. Go, go, go! The quarterly system at Burton Group fed right into my style. On a regular basis I could demonstrate merit by hitting goals, and get […]


Gary Rowe

Stories of Excellence: “Outstanding!”

by Heather Hughes on May 15, 2013

Gary Rowe My experience at Burton Group was both intense and rewarding. As I mentioned in my prior post, an important part of the business model was to over-deliver on all fronts. Our president Gary Rowe played a vital role in driving consistent double-digit growth, year-in and year-out. Each quarter employees worked diligently toward specific […]


Jamie Lewis

Stories of Excellence: “Be what you aspire to be.”

by Heather Hughes on May 14, 2013

Jamie Lewis When I arrived at Burton Group I found myself in an intense, performance-driven environment led by Jamie Lewis. Excellence was achieved by over-delivering to clients; decisions were distinctly driven by first principles. These first principles were grounded in integrity and inspired by the customer’s best interests. Burton Group, a research and advisory firm, […]