Excellence Comes in Many Forms

by Heather Hughes on October 2, 2016

How about that Ryder Cup? Simply amazing. Incredible play. Incredible camaraderie. Incredible fun. How about that Bubba Watson interview? Excellence comes in many forms.


Clarity Creates Greatness

by Heather Hughes on September 21, 2016

Colin Cowherd interviewed Urban Meyer today. Cowherd’s main bit of commentary: “Greatness creates clarity.” To this I say, yes, and clarity creates greatness. (On the flip side, beware obfuscation.) I’ve written a fair amount about valuable lessons I’ve learned from great business leaders. The gist of what these leaders taught me was to be clear-minded […]


Only Humble, Thoughtful Leaders of People Need Apply

by Heather Hughes on June 24, 2016

What makes a company great? Innovation, patents, defensible IP. High barriers to entry. Strategic brilliance married with decisive action. Being a first-mover. Delighted customers. Brand equity. Sales + marketing prowess. This list could go on and on. This week I read a 1474-word job description. Daunting was the list of responsibilities and required qualifications. Then […]


Excellence Demands Humility

June 23, 2015

The greatest temptation of all is arrogance – arrogance of knowledge, arrogance of expertise, arrogance of perceived superiority. Arrogance is embedded in the desire to control. I am discovering that the greatest freedom of all is found in humility — humility to learn, humility to grow, humility to stand aside and watch others flourish in […]

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November 20, 2014
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My mom signed all of her emails to me with lovelovethanksthanks, m. That’s life in a nutshell. Come to know and love God first, love others based on His and your own integrity and always, always be grateful – in prosperity and adversity. It’s easy to forget these simple imperatives, since they can be quite […]

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