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Clarity Creates Greatness

by Heather Hughes on September 21, 2016

Colin Cowherd interviewed Urban Meyer today. Cowherd’s main bit of commentary: “Greatness creates clarity.” To this I say, yes, and clarity creates greatness. (On the flip side, beware obfuscation.) I’ve written a fair amount about valuable lessons I’ve learned from great business leaders. The gist of what these leaders taught me was to be clear-minded […]


David LeCheminant The boss to whom Janet Frasier did not report my poor performance was none other than the guy who took me by the hand at DSW a few years prior, David LeCheminant. Dave oversaw all marketing communications functions at Megahertz. Despite having to deal with sales’ demands, fluctuating budgets, constantly changing product specifications […]


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Stories of Excellence: “Come with me.”

by Heather Hughes on February 27, 2013

David LeCheminant DSW was a sink or swim environment. It would have been easy to get overwhelmed. Gratefully, Dave LeCheminant took me under his wing. I had met Dave through my work at United Way where he served as a volunteer. Now, here he was, the savviest Account Executive at DSW, willing to help me! […]


Seven Quotes from Business Executives to Whom I am Grateful

November 19, 2012
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It’s Thanksgiving week and I’d like to thank a number of executives I’ve worked with over the years. Here are seven edifying quotes from people who made a positive impact on my marketing career. 1. “Great ideas come from everywhere.” When you are a young up-and-comer you might think that only you and your closest […]

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Are You Over the Top? Interested, Dedicated, Fascinated

September 14, 2012

Interested, dedicated, fascinated. I got this string of words from Neil Armstrong. Together they describe the team that got man to the moon and back. You could say that team was “over the top”. They worked long and hard hours to get it right, precisely right. Gosh, I just love that. I love people who […]

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