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ME Interview with Marc Strohlein Marc Strohlein is Principal of Agile Business Logic, and has been a COO, CTO and CIO at companies including Gartner Group, Dataquest and Outsell Inc. His passion is unlocking energy and growth in individuals, teams and organizations. I worked for Marc at Outsell, where, among many other things, he led […]


Jamie Lewis

Be What You Aspire to Be

by Heather Hughes on July 16, 2012

ME Interview with Jamie Lewis, former CEO and Research Chair at Burton Group About Burton Group Jamie Lewis led Burton Group, an IT research and advisory services company, for 20-plus years. Burton Group analysts and consultants delivered objective, in-depth and technical insights. Burton Group was solely driven by enterprise technologists needs and was acquired by […]


Alan E Hall

Excellence, Abundance and Fostering the Entrepreneur

by Heather Hughes on May 8, 2012

ME Interview with Alan E. Hall, MarketStar Chairman, Grow America Founder and Benevolent Capitalist “To distinguish yourself, in comparison to yourself; to rise above yourself; to surpass who you are.” This is excellence to Alan E. Hall. And so, it makes sense that this prolific businessman shows absolutely no sign of letting up. Founder and […]


Push Through the Fear: What’s the Worst that Could Happen?

April 17, 2012
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ME Interview with Martha Felt, Successful Entrepreneur, Mentor and Board Member When I think of Martha Felt, her easy smile comes to mind. She’s so relaxed, so confident, so sure of the next move. How is it so? I, myself, usually have a concentrated look on my face. I am squeezing my brain for more […]

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Excellence is Fanaticism

April 5, 2012
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ME Interview with White Knight President and CEO John Simmons John Simmons defines excellence in one simple word: fanaticism. It fits. He’s a fiery entrepreneur who once told me of his company, “We will never stop until we get it right.” And he means it. When John says “we”, he means a group of highly […]

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