Clarity Creates Greatness

by Heather Hughes on September 21, 2016

Colin Cowherd interviewed Urban Meyer today. Cowherd’s main bit of commentary: “Greatness creates clarity.” To this I say, yes, and clarity creates greatness. (On the flip side, beware obfuscation.) I’ve written a fair amount about valuable lessons I’ve learned from great business leaders. The gist of what these leaders taught me was to be clear-minded […]


Only Humble, Thoughtful Leaders of People Need Apply

by Heather Hughes on June 24, 2016

What makes a company great? Innovation, patents, defensible IP. High barriers to entry. Strategic brilliance married with decisive action. Being a first-mover. Delighted customers. Brand equity. Sales + marketing prowess. This list could go on and on. This week I read a 1474-word job description. Daunting was the list of responsibilities and required qualifications. Then […]


Excellence Demands Humility

by Heather Hughes on June 23, 2015

The greatest temptation of all is arrogance – arrogance of knowledge, arrogance of expertise, arrogance of perceived superiority. Arrogance is embedded in the desire to control. I am discovering that the greatest freedom of all is found in humility — humility to learn, humility to grow, humility to stand aside and watch others flourish in […]


The Coattail Strategy

December 27, 2013

It is apropos that this Christmas season I write of the best and perhaps only sustainable business strategy available to man. It’s the coattail strategy. Like those who accept Christ’s matchless grace gift of eternal life, not earned or deserved, but based only on Him and His work on the cross, so are successful business […]

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Sound Business Decision-Making: Are You a Brawn or a Brain Thinker, and How to Avoid Analysis Paralysis

November 7, 2013

I saw a headline yesterday and it got me to thinking. It read: “How to Implement an Effective Decision Management System”. Yes, the content is about automation and decision management, but my first thought was: “Ahh, if only there was a system by which business individuals could make sound, decisive decisions.”   Decision-making and the […]

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