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Oct 21Is Your Marketing Automated, Agile, or Energized?

Is your marketing automated, agile, or energized? Perhaps all three. It occurred to me as I was working out to my boxing video that I move much better on the balls of my feet. When I started kickboxing I was flat footed, and exhausted. Watching the instructor I thought, wow, look at how he moves […] READ MORE

Oct 02Excellence Comes in Many Forms

How about that Ryder Cup? Simply amazing. Incredible play. Incredible camaraderie. Incredible fun. How about that Bubba Watson interview? Excellence comes in many forms. READ MORE

Sep 21Clarity Creates Greatness

Colin Cowherd interviewed Urban Meyer today. Cowherd’s main bit of commentary: “Greatness creates clarity.” To this I say, yes, and clarity creates greatness. (On the flip side, beware obfuscation.) I’ve written a fair amount about valuable lessons I’ve learned from great business leaders. The gist of what these leaders taught me was to be clear-minded […] READ MORE