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Sep 21Clarity Creates Greatness

Colin Cowherd interviewed Urban Meyer today. Cowherd’s main bit of commentary: “Greatness creates clarity.” To this I say, yes, and clarity creates greatness. (On the flip side, beware obfuscation.) I’ve written a fair amount about valuable lessons I’ve learned from great business leaders. The gist of what these leaders taught me was to be clear-minded […] READ MORE

Jun 29No Strings Attached

Like grace, the best businesses ideas have no strings attached. When you pay X, you get Y. Z = the money left over after expenses. It’s that simple. I read yesterday that most S&P 500 companies are no longer exclusively reporting results using GAAP.* Apparently, their businesses are too complex, or special, to follow Generally […] READ MORE

Jun 24Only Humble, Thoughtful Leaders of People Need Apply

What makes a company great? Innovation, patents, defensible IP. High barriers to entry. Strategic brilliance married with decisive action. Being a first-mover. Delighted customers. Brand equity. Sales + marketing prowess. This list could go on and on. This week I read a 1474-word job description. Daunting was the list of responsibilities and required qualifications. Then […] READ MORE