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Dec 01Death to Silos

I wonder if most marketers think in-depth about the contact center and customer service experiences when they map, model, and work to optimize customer experiences and the customer journey. Maybe we should get more involved. Over the last few years I’ve worked with a SaaS / cloud contact center software leader. Their research has revealed […] READ MORE

Nov 22Thanks giving

I’ve been thinking about the power of giving, and how I want to give thanks for giving. How thankful I am for giving. Yes, it’s a roundabout tongue twister, a veritable tautology. But as I consider the last few years, the best of times were the times that I was giving. That’s all. Not pushing […] READ MORE

Nov 01Simple is Good

Ever been asked to do a survey? Click here, please. Spend your time, please. Go through multiple screens, please. Win a prize, maybe. Don’t get me wrong. I love surveys. I started in the survey world in high school. It was good money, calling people and getting their ratings of the produce and bakery at […] READ MORE