Hooray for the Actual Customer-Person

by Heather Hughes on October 27, 2016


Can anyone say multichannel marketing, or omnichannel service, or, “I’ve got to transfer you to another agent because I don’t have access to that system. Please hold.”

Let’s just slow this train down and get real. This is the stuff of complex systems creating more complex problems in our complex world.

Can we just get back to the Why?

I know this may sound silly, but what was the original goal in the first place?

  • To sell something that someone wanted (USP)
  • Delight them in the process (CX, CES)
  • So that they would come back for more, and more, and more (LTV)
  • And tell their friends about it (Advocate, NPS),
  • And love you for life (now everybody’s happy: CSAT, EPS)

But now we’ve got the old systems trying to talk to the new systems, and separate systems like marketing drip-drip-dripping out email after email about a product I just bought. I finally unsubscribed.

Don’t get me wrong. Nothing and nobody is perfect. I love technology. (Without it I might still be selling carpet cleaning off 3×5 cards. (-:)

My point is this, my plea is this, let us not get so enamored with the systems and the maps and the processes of things that we forget about the original intent. The Why. The actual customer-person.

Image Credit: Alli Zimmerman on unsplash.com

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