Gary Rowe

Stories of Excellence: “Outstanding!”

by Heather Hughes on May 15, 2013

Gary Rowe

My experience at Burton Group was both intense and rewarding. As I mentioned in my prior post, an important part of the business model was to over-deliver on all fronts. Our president Gary Rowe played a vital role in driving consistent double-digit growth, year-in and year-out. Each quarter employees worked diligently toward specific and measurable goals; bonuses were awarded as accomplishments dictated.

Gary brought tremendous tenacity to building the business. But, that’s not all. He brought genuine enthusiasm. Gary was always at the ready with an “Outstanding!” when something small or large was achieved. A true entrepreneur, it was obvious that he enjoyed his job and the hard work it took to grow the business. Gary believed that each individual team member made a difference; his enthusiasm was crucial to our dig-deep efforts.

Burton Group was self-funded and took on no debt, yet the company was able to make significant investments to build new customer-driven services. Every cog in the Burton Group machine was cranked down for maximum performance, and it worked. Gary’s optimism and dedicated leadership were a driving force.

Lessons in Excellence, for Leaders and Up and Comers

  • Reward performance
  • Recognize each win, no matter how small
  • Maximize efficiencies for growth and profitability
  • Work hard and enjoy the ride


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