John Evans

Stories of Excellence: “I understand. After being on my own, I couldn’t work for anyone else.”

by Heather Hughes on May 23, 2013

John Evans

When it was time for me to start my own business, I talked to my boss at Denali Group, John Evans. He said, “I understand. After being on my own I couldn’t work for anyone else.” I was nervous about the change. His positive and supportive response put me at ease.

Working for John was a pleasure. An entrepreneur who had launched several businesses, he was laissez-faire. He and his partners built Denali Group based on an innovative model that deploys subject matter experts exactly when and where they are needed. The on-demand model fosters freedom and flexibility, rewards expertise, and provides competitive compensation, all while driving strong profit margins.

I pretty much ran with marketing at Denali Group after learning the ropes, checking in with John and the partners on a regular basis. The trust John put in me at Denali Group and the support he gave me when I went on my own was significant. Thanks John.

Lessons in Excellence, for Leaders and Up and Comers

  • Freedom coupled with responsibility yields great results
  • Design flexible, high-value delivery models
  • Trust the experts
  • Be supportive, let go   

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